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Trucking of goods

Standard cargo transportation is the most common type of services in almost any transportation company. Also, similar freight traffic is considered to be the least expensive in terms of budget. All because the standard transportation of goods carried out with the help of conventional transport without the use of special equipment. Standard cargo does not require the use of protective equipment and equipment when loading a truck or a railway car.

It is important to note that the standard transport of goods is carried out using a minimum number of permits. And regardless of whether you import something into the territory of Ukraine or transport cargo to another country. Standard cargo is easiest to transport with the help of the Neolit Logistics. We are engaged in domestic transportation in any city of Ukraine, we carry out long-distance and international transportation. GC Neolit Logistics will provide you with the most suitable vehicle in terms of overall dimensions and carrying capacity, in which the cargo will be properly secured.

Cargo weight – 0,5-22 t

Cargo weight
0,5-22 t

Delivery time - optimal

Delivery time -

Loans to regular customers

to regular

GPS tracking and SMS-information about the location of cargo

GPS tracking and SMS-information
about the location
of cargo

When ordering cargo transportation in our company, the customer is always sure that he will be spared from all difficulties related to logistics. We carry out cargo insurance according to the declared value. The development of routes for the standard transportation of goods is carried out by our specialists. This allows you to always have the optimal route, which significantly reduces the cost of transportation and, accordingly, saves the customer's funds.

With the help of our managers, you will be provided with the optimal transport in terms of overall dimensions and tonnage. Based on the characteristics of your cargo and the destination point of arrival, they will prompt you what transport should be chosen: by road, by sea or by rail, all other problems and nuances will be resolved.

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Freight traffic with the help of the Neolit Logistics is always produced in a timely manner and at the proper level of quality. You are also provided with tangible savings in the budget for logistics and many other advantages from cooperation with the GC Neolit Logistics.

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