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Shipping to USA

Cargo transportation in the USA: delivery to any coast and transportation in the country

The United States of America is the world's leading economic power. She leads an active foreign trade, being in the lead of the largest importing and exporting countries.

The geography of trading operations includes partners all over the world. Among them are Ukrainian contractors, who import and export goods to the United States.

Cargo transportation from America to Ukraine includes a wide range of goods. These are clothes and shoes, various household products. A significant share in American imports to Ukraine is occupied by cars, machine and tractor technology for various purposes, boats and motorcycles, spare parts for all types of equipment. In recent years, American companies have also supplied coal to Ukraine.

The basis of Ukrainian exports to the US is various types of metals and products from them. Freight traffic from Ukraine to America is largely formed by the products of the metallurgical complex and the agricultural sector - steel, aluminum, cast iron and metal products. Some types of food products are also in demand, for example, salt and sugar, as well as inorganic chemical products and certain types of minerals.

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GK "Neolit Logisticsh" - intercontinental transportation "from door to door"

Specialists of our company organize transportation of all types of cargoes between Ukraine and the USA, offering to its Clients a full range of logistics services:

  •     development of delivery routes and transportation support;
  •     the services of a foreign trade agent and the selection of suppliers in the United States;
  •     preparation and conduct of export-import operations and customs clearance;
  •     warehouse acceptance and handling of cargo;
  •     control over transshipment and ensuring proper storage conditions;
  •     cargo insurance and carrier liability;
  •     registration of additional permits for the movement of specialized goods.

Each of our customers can receive online information about the movement of goods.

Transportation of goods to the USA - trucks beyond competition

Delivery of goods to the United States from Ukraine is carried out only by sea or by air. If the cargo does not require urgent transportation, a slower, but at the same time very attractive for the customer option of sea transportation is chosen. Depending on the port of departure and the final destination, transportation by sea will take from 40 days.

Delivery from the Western Hemisphere in the US is usually performed in the ports of the East Coast of the country. Depending on the type of cargo and the Customer's requirements, we can ship the goods to New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia or New Orleans.

It is also possible to arrange delivery in the harbor of the West Coast - in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle.

We build routes not only to the port of destination, but also to specific recipients within the continent. In this case, multimodal transportation is carried out with the involvement of rail or road transport.

The USA is a country with one of the most dense high-speed road networks in the world. And most of the goods are moved by trucks on highways, even in situations where it is necessary to transport oversized and heavy cargo for long distances.

Air delivery in the USA

The USA is the country with the most developed in the world internal air traffic. The country has more than 5 thousand airports with runways that have a hard surface.

Depending on the staff of the dispatch or delivery, logisticians of the Neolit Logistics organize the transportation of cargo through the largest cargo airshows that operate in the country. Including airports Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. The average time of cargo transportation between the USA and Ukraine by flights is 10-14 days.

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