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Transit trucking

Transit freight transportation means the movement of goods and vehicles across customs borders and the territories of one or several states. In this case, the transportation of goods through the territory of Ukraine to another country is also a transit.

In the interests of the Clients, the Neolit Logistics provides for external and internal transit transportations both on the territory of Ukraine and to third countries for shippers from Ukraine.

Our specialists undertake the registration of all necessary accompanying documentation:

  •     export customs declaration;
  •     CMR-waybill;
  •     an invoice;
  •     certificate of origin;
  •     packing lists;
  •     additional permits for certain types of cargo.

Transit transportations from the Neolit Logistics - all directions, any types of cargo

The services of transit transportation of cargoes of the GK "Neolit Logisticsh" can be provided by TIR Carnet or T1 depending on the direction of transportation, the number of countries that need to be crossed and the best way to arrange documentary registration.

The price of such freight will depend on a number of factors. Thus, national states have the right to set their own tariffs and requirements to the list of required documents.

Transit road transport of goods to / through the CIS countries and the EU are significantly different. Requirements on the Russian and Belarusian borders change quite often and constant monitoring is needed to monitor new introductory notes.

The specialists of the Neolit Logistics monitor all changes in the procedural and legal field of the customs regimes of the countries of the European Union, the CIS and the Asia-Pacific region.

Monthly we deliver about 167 thousand tons of cargo and this figure is formed due to the clear and smooth work of our specialists in foreign trade and logistics. They are informed of the current situation at border crossings and changes in customs legislation of key transit territories.

We provide all the necessary options for the organization of non-stop movement of goods that transit:

  •     the whole complex of customs and brokerage services;
  •     cargo insurance and carrier liability;
  •     online control over the movement and location of the goods.

GK "Neolit Logisticsh" operates its own and leased fleet of trucks of various types, which allows you to deliver any types of cargo:

  •     large and heavy;
  •     prefabricated and complex consignments;
  •     bulk and bulk;
  •     general and bulk.

Partner agreements with logistics warehouses in all regions of the country allow us to provide any necessary work for the storage and handling of goods.

Consolidation warehouses in Poland provide an opportunity to optimize the delivery process and its cost to our Clients by forming prefabricated lots.

You can order transit traffic in the offices of the Neolit Logistics, or by contacting our specialists in any convenient way.

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