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Shipping to Russia

Cargo transportation to Russia - all challenges can be overcome

Since 2014, the delivery of goods from Ukraine to Russia has become further complicated. The problem of the transit of goods to third countries has arisen, as well as economic counterparts of both countries have encountered unclear situations and delays in mutual trade.

  • Railway transport

The largest meltdown of loading occurred on the railway transport, by which the bulk of cargoes deep into Russia, as well as towards the Central Asian countries had been moved.

Since 2016, Moscow has restricted transit road and rail cargo transportation from Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Transit of Ukrainian cargo through the Russian territory is carried out only from the territory of Belarus.

Electronic cargo seals are used to control the movement of cargo. However, since 01.07.2018 they have applied to all road and railway cargo passing through Russia. This can positively affect the speed of customs clearance and transportation in general.

At the same time, alternative routes for transit to Asia are being developed with the help of ferries across the Black Sea and further across the Caspian Sea to their destination.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies is ready to offer you various routes of cargo transportation to the Russian Federation by rail.

Cargo delivery to Russia by road transport - terms and prices

To a lesser extent, cargo transportation from Russia to Ukraine by road transport responded to a sharp decrease in the flow of goods between the two countries.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies provides full freight services, as well as organizes the delivery of consolidated cargo. This provides customers with an economically expedient transportation format and an opportunity not to pay "for air".

The huge distances and poor road condition in many regions have become the main obstacle for the timely delivery of goods. The Neolit Logistics group of companies has been operating in the area of Russia for more than 10 years and is ready to solve the most challenging tasks.

In this case, the calculation of the cost of road transportation in transporting goods within Russia has its own specifics. In addition to the net run between the two points between which the transportation is carried out, it is also necessary to take into account the distance between the place of customs clearance and the place of unloading. In some cases, this distance can amount to tens and hundreds of kilometers.

In general, when planning cargo transportation within Russia, it is necessary to schedule a reserve for at least a few days. This is due not only to the distances, but also to the customs clearance of goods and their acceptance and shipment at some enterprises.

Customs clearance of goods on the Russian border can take from one to five days. Thanks to the experience of our company, we can minimize the time periods of delay at customs, however, when scheduling routes and the time of delivery, possible delays should be always taken into account.

A number of enterprises, which the Ukrainian Clients have been dealing with, are large-scale production companies where their own goods loading and unloading procedure is in force, which is still far from the standards of modern logistic centers, which have been introduced in the warehouses of the “Neolit Logistics” ​​group of companies.

The truck can be delayed before loading or unloading for another day or two, however, coordinated actions of the transportation organizer and other participants of the process are essential here.

Being in constant contact with all responsible persons, the specialists of the Neolit Logistics group of companies ensure the timely loading and unloading of goods and carry out cargo transportation from Russia to Ukraine within the scheduled timeframe.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies - organization of cargo transportation from Europe to Russia

Availability of a special multilateral permit for the transportation ECMT (CEMT) allows our company to carry out transit transportations among all countries that have become participants of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport.

These permits are not valid for transportation between a member country and a country not included in the agreement. At the same time, most European countries are ECMT participants. Due to this agreement, the “Neolit Logistics” ​​Group can deliver cargo, for example, from Bulgaria to the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation without entering Ukraine and in the shortest possible way.

  •     Special aspects of consolidated cargo transportation

The cargo consolidation is a cheap way for the Client and cost-effective for the carrier to move small goods consignments. Such transportation in the European direction is especially in demand.

Transportation of group cargo in the Russian direction sometimes causes difficulties due to the specifics of customs clearance. As a rule, carriers take no more than three consignments to the vehicle, but even with such a number, the delivery can be delayed for a week, or even more. Therefore, often the full freight is ultimately more advantageous for the Client than a long customs clearance and delivery.

  •     Prospects and potential of overseas transportation

Increasing efficiency is shown by overseas transportation, which can be arranged if the consignor and the consignee are in the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine.

In 2018, the state regulator reduced the cost of charges for the vessel entering into the Ukrainian ports by 20%. Before the decrease of port charges, the cost of the vessel call to Ukrainian harbors was many times higher than in neighboring countries.

Today, the call cost is cheaper, which leads to a general reduction in the cost of combined transport from Russia to Ukraine with the involvement of sea transport.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies- operating in 3PL format

Whichever delivery option you choose, the Neolit Logistics group of companies will ensure full outsourcing of the transportation itself and all processes related to documenting, loading and unloading operations, organization of warehouse storage of goods, door-to-door delivery.

We have been developing as a logistics operator, being guided by world standards and at the same time are well aware of the real situation on the roads and at the customs of Eurasia. Our transport, warehouse complexes, experience and competence enable us to solve the most non-trivial tasks related to transportation in Russia.

To order cargo transportation from Ukraine to Russia or in the opposite direction, you can right now by contacting our specialists in any convenient way.

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