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Shipping to Estonia

Cargo transportation to Estonia - a small country of large transit

One of the smallest countries in the Baltic region of Estonia is an important transit corridor through which huge flows of cargo pass. Today, revenues from transit traffic bring in the country's GDP to 10%.

In Estonia, a port infrastructure is developed, which includes 45 sea ports. More than 20 million tons of various cargoes pass annually in the largest port of Tallinn's capital Tallinn. Trucking to Estonia in Tallinn is convenient to carry out by sea.

Domestic shipments in Estonia are mainly carried out by road, which provides 80% of the total freight traffic. With GK Neolit Logistics delivery of goods to Estonia by car is carried out for 3-7 days, depending on the type of cargo and region of delivery.

Transportation of goods to Estonia

At the same time, the country is connected by regular ferry communication with all surrounding countries, as well as Germany and the Åland Islands. Thus, road transport can be carried out in intermodal mode if such a route is faster or more cost-effective than linear transportation.

At the same time, the Estonian railway has a gauge of 1520 mm standard for the former CIS countries. And some types of heavy and bulk general and liquid cargo between Ukraine and Estonia are more convenient and more profitable to transport by rail. On average, such transportation will take up to 7 days.

Air delivery from Estonia to Ukraine is performed from the international airports of Tallinn, Tartu or Kuresaare and takes only a few days.

We provide transportation of any types of cargo:

  •     bulk
  •     general;
  •     perishable;
  •     dangerous ADR;
  •     oversized and project.

We deliver small amounts of cargo. In this case, they are consolidated as part of large assemblies. This reduces the price for the customer.

GC Neolit Logistics ​​provides a full range of logistics services:

  •     development of the route;
  •     selection and provision of transport;
  •     customs clearance;
  •     warehouse services.

If you plan to transport between Estonia and Ukraine, our specialists will prepare various delivery options in the shortest possible time, taking into account the optimal ratio of speed and cost.

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