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Actual questions about the new draft law concerning rail transport Actual questions about the new draft law concerning rail transport

The new draft law of Ukraine on the railways regulates legal, organizational, social and economic spheres of activity of railway transportation. In other words, the new rules on the transport market for shippers, consignees, operators, investors and other participants in this market, whose turnover ranges from 70 to 100 billion hryvnia per year.

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Rail Transportation

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Rate for rail transport in Ukraine


Rate for the territory of RZD


Rate for the territory of Kazakhstan


Terminal seaport fees


Transportation of railway cars by ferry



300 UAH

Railway yard additional fees


Information support of cars in transit

Free for customers, flexible floating rates are available for the rest.

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Repair of cars


Forwarding of the car in transit

300 UAH

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Transportation by rail is the most reliable, inexpensive and safe mode of transportation. This is one of the main activities of the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies. We provide cargo transportation by rail transport in Ukraine, the CIS countries, Europe, the Asian region is also available.

Our company can organize the transportation of heavy, hazardous and oversized cargo. The rail transport is particularly used to transport certain hazardous cargo.

Advantages of railway transport

Like any other type of logistics services, rail transportation in Ukraine and the world has a number of individual features and advantages.

Cargo weight from 30 kg

cargo weight
from 30 kg

Estimated delivery time from 2 days

Large volume
in short term

loyal Tariffs

Cheaper by 20-30%
than road transport

Независимость от погодных условий

83% of cargoes
We deliver earlier

Price. In terms of long-distance routes, rail transport will always be more cost-effective than air transportation and overseas cargo transportation. They can be even cheaper than trucking. There is the direct dependence of the price on the distance of the point of destination and the quantity of cargo.

Speed. Trains do not get stuck in traffic; they hardly ever break down and move at high speed at any time of the day. They are less dependent on weather conditions and other problems. Transportation by rail far less frequently leads to delays with all the attendant consequences.

Safety. Transportation by rail in Ukraine and other countries guarantees almost 100% cargo safety. During such transportation, the probability of damage due to a bad road, emergency situations and other force majeure circumstances is minimal. Furthermore, we use a special system for monitoring the cargo safety. Many cargoes are transported in safe containers.

Versatility. There are many types of cars. They enable almost all types of cargo to be transported. Rail transport will be the best option among all possible types of transport to carry some oversized cargo. With the use of special platforms, it is possible to transport oversized cargo, which is physically impossible to transport by road.

The facts described above indicate that rail transportation is the optimal type of inexpensive and safe delivery. They are very convenient for enterprises in industrial cities, since they enable shipping goods or products in short terms and in almost any amount. Recently, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses have been increasingly using the transportation of their products by rail in Ukraine and abroad. The comparatively low price makes this type of transportation very convenient for companies with low logistics budget. And in times of crisis, rail transportation is becoming a very convenient way to save money. Though in some areas the delivery by road will be faster, but the rail cars are anyway safer and cheaper.

Why it is well worth to turn to the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies

We are an experienced company, which daily carries out rail transportation both within Ukraine and abroad. For more than twelve years we have been operating in the market of logistics services. Transportation by rail from the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies is a whole range of activities aimed at timely, inexpensive and safe delivery. Due to the high professionalism of our employees, we practically brought all the work on rail transportation to automaticity.

Entrusting us with rail transportation, you can be in full confidence that all stages of transportation are under total control. Loading/unloading will be performed safely, the cargo will arrive on time, and all the difficulties associated with permits and possible problems will be resolved and will not require your direct involvement. In addition, we provide customers with lending services, warehouse services, customs brokerage and insurance services.

Thanks to long-term and fruitful cooperation with the "Ukrzaliznytsya" company, any rail transportation in Ukraine is timely performed and as reliably as possible. We are capable to deliver your cargo even to the most remote areas of the country and to transit through the territory of Ukraine.

Cargo transportation in the following types of rail cars is at your disposal:

  • Covered cars (load-carrying capacity of 68t, 120m3,138m3,150m3);
  • 918 series rail refrigerator-cars (load-carrying capacity of 48,5-53t, 127m3,136m3);
  • insulated cars (load-carrying capacity of 60 t 126m3);
  • open gondola cars (hatchways, solid-bottom);
  • hopper bulk cement cars;
  • grain hoppers;
  • tank-cars;
  • universal and fitting flat cars.

To order transportation by rail from the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies, just call our managers and make a request. They will provide qualified assistance, accept the order, calculate the cost, develop the route, will perform process operations and control the cargo delivery in full. If necessary, you can order customs brokerage services, insurance, warehousing services. We will control all the nuances ourselves, and you don’t have to worry and handle more important matters.

Still have questions?
1  Do I need accreditation for railway?

If the sender is you, then you need to. If we do not.

2  What documents are needed to send my cargo in railway cars?
  • Customs documents,
  • certificates for the goods,
  • the contract signed with us.
3  Who prepares documents for dispatch, and how do I participate in it?

Documents are issued by the consignor. If we are such, then you need documents:

  • Customs documents,
  • product certificates,
  • A signed contract with us.

In this case, you are indicated in the documents as the Cargo owner.

4  If I do not have access road, how to send the cargo ?

On the roads of General use of ULTRASONIC, concluded a Treaty with them + accreditation. Or by signing a contract with us.

5  What is the consignor /consignee of the railway?

Sender - a natural or legal person who acts on behalf of himself or on behalf of the owner of the goods.

Consignee - a natural or legal person authorized to receive the goods. Ie, so You can be as Customer or we.

6  What kind of services do you provide regarding railway transportation?
  • Provision of rolling stock,
  • development of optimal logistics chains,
  • car rental,
  • fare payment and other services.
7  Can I transport my cargo to the European Union in railway cars and where ?

Yes, wide gauge (1520 mm), namely the:

  • Poland,
  • Latvia,
  • Lithuania,
  • partial Estonia (also used 1524 mm),
  • Mongolia,
  • Finland.

in other cases, it is possible to use overload, but it significantly increases the cost of transportation of railway.

8  What goods do you carry most often by rail?
  • Bulk,
  • liquid,
  • consumer goods,
  • products,
  • related to agriculture.
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