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Cargo transportation in Poltava

Why cargo transportation in Poltava is Neolithic Logistics

Poltava is a regional center that is part of the Northeast Economic Region of Ukraine. An important railway junction is located on the territory of the city, which provides communication between several regions of the country.

In addition to the developed transport network, in Poltava there are large enterprises of the petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, and the agro-industrial complex; more than 30 thousand individuals are registered as individual entrepreneurs.

The economic development of the city has led to a growing demand forevery year cargo delivery services. However, not all logistics companies can satisfy customer demand. Among entrepreneurs, there is a need for a full range of services, and not just preparation of documents or direct transportation.

Neolith Logistics has been operating in the freight market since 2003. During its activities, the company has grown from a small local company to a nationwide logistics service provider. Having ordered the transportation of goods in Poltava from our company, you no longer have to worry about how to organize and complete the delivery of goods in a clear time frame. For a reasonable price, we will undertake all paper and technical work.

Features of the organization of cargo transportation in Poltava

Organization of cargo transportation is a complex process that takes into account many factors. But with Neolith Logistics you will not feel the difficulties of transportation, even if it comes to special-purpose products or the need to draw up a long-distance delivery route. Our company will cope with the transportation of any complexity. We have no hidden fees, the cost of all the services we provide is agreed upon in advance.

When calculating and organizing transportation, we take into account the following characteristics of the cargo:

  • weight and dimensions;
  • hazard category:
  • transportation method (bulk, liquid, special);
  • type of vehicle required (road, rail, aviation).

In addition, only a certain service can be ordered from us, for example, assistance with customs clearance. However, turnkey freight transportation in Poltava is more profitable, since you do not have to look for individual contractors for specific tasks. You save your nerves and time.

Stages of cargo delivery in Poltava

The process of cargo transportation in Poltava from Neolith Logistics consists of several stages:

  • After contacting, our managers offer standard routes for moving goods, if necessary, an individual is developed taking into account the wishes of the client and the characteristics of the goods transported.
  • In accordance with the parameters of the cargo, the selection of equipment is carried out, and the provision of additional services is also discussed.
  • The total cost of the work is announced to the client.
  • If the terms of cooperation offered by us are acceptable for the client, a contract is concluded. It clearly spells out the rights and obligations of each party.
  • All cargo, regardless of its value, is subject to insurance, if no other orders have been received from the client.
  • Only after the settlement of all financial and legal issues is loading and dispatch of cargo to its destination.

To consult or order the transportation of goods, call the number indicated on the website or leave your contacts in the feedback form. Our managers will contact you, answer questions, calculate the preliminary price of transportation.

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