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Cargo Transportation in Ukraine

Cargo transportation across Ukraine is one of the key areas of our company’s work. For more than ten years of operating in this market, the largest companies of the country have joined the list of our Customers. Hundreds of complex projects to move non-standard goods have been implemented. Monthly, the company's logistics provide transportation of tens of thousands of tons of various products within Ukraine and in the international market.

For this purpose, multimodal and combined cargo transportation is used, involving aviation, sea, rail and road transport.

Cargo transportation in Ukraine with the Neolit Logistics group of companies - any cargo in any directions

Cargo delivery in Ukraine is carried out with the use of own and rented vehicles of the Neolit Logistics group of companies. We use:

  • tilt-covered semi-trailers with any type of loading;
  • isothermal and all-metal;
  • dump trucks;
  • low-tonnage vehicles;
  • grain trucks;
  • refrigerators,
  • tank-cars;
  • road trains;
  • low-bed tractor truck for containers and oversized cargo.

However, the company has all the necessary equipment and experience for carrying out loading and unloading operations when arranging the transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes and any non-standard cargoes.

We will independently process all the necessary permits for moving large-sized cargo and determine the best delivery routes, taking into account the cargo characteristics and restrictions existing on domestic roads.

Currently, motor transport is the main type for transporting various types of goods within the country. However, there are cargo types that are traditionally transported by rail, as well as those that can be moved both by trucks and by rail cars.

In particular, to transportation raw materials, as well as any types of general cargo. Among our Customers there are metallurgical and mining companies. For them, we arrange the movement of finished products and raw materials in strictly agreed terms in full accordance with the production plan and with the fulfillment of trade contracts of our partners.

Building supplies, cereals and some other agricultural products can be sent to the point of destination by both rail cars and trucks. In this case, the experts of the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies ​​determine the optimal delivery method, taking into account traffic congestion, the current rental price for specialized cars and the dynamics of demand for a certain vehicle class.

You just need to inform us about the basic cargo parameters, the point of destination and the planned time frame. All other operations will be performed by the team of the “Neolit Logistics” ​​group of companies.

We will do what the Customer needs. We undertake the work on the route development, the selection of transport, we will perform loading operations and actual transportation. We guarantee quality and efficiency, observe terms, provide cargo safety and we provide warehousing services.

Such an integrated approach allows us to withstand competition and develop successfully. The domestic Ukrainian market is such that every fourth Logistics company does not manage to celebrate its first smallest anniversary. Therefore, the term of the operator's work on the market is an indicator of its viability, a certain level of reliability and quality of services provided.

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Cargo transportation in Ukraine – is a full service without surprises

The cost of cargo transportation across Ukraine is determined by the number of parameters, among which:

  • type of cargo;
  • weight and dimensions;
  • routing and distance of transportation;
  • type of transport used;
  • the need for reloading.

At the same time, there is an internal logic of possible price changes under the influence of the market. For example, there are such freight transportation services in Ukraine, the prices for which can significantly fluctuate depending on the season.

This applies primarily to agricultural goods, especially cereals, for which specialized machinery may not be enough during the harvest season and there is a sharp increase in export supplies.

Another variable factor is the cost of fuel, which is extremely unstable in our country, with a constant tendency to increase. This directly affects the rates of logistics companies offering freight transportation in Ukraine.

We protect our Customer from surprises related to fuel price hikes. Due to the significant volumes of transportation, we even this instability through the economies of scale and assume these risks. Quality service as per stable and transparent tariff is what each our customer gets.

And the permanent partners of the Neolit Logistics group of companies may expect discounts and other bonuses for cargo transportation and storage.

Our warehouse premises are located in Central Ukraine - the city of Dnieper. At the same time, we have long-term contracts with warehouse complexes of various classes in different regions of the country. And therefore, we have the opportunity to accept cargo for storage where it will be convenient for the customer, and will ensure cost-effective logistics.

Our specialists fully provide documentary support for the entire transportation process. We obtain the necessary certificates, permits, insurance of cargo and the carrier’s liability.

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