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Air Freight Service

According to statistics, the probability of getting into a plane crash is thousands of times less than to get into trouble on the road or during the train moving. The situation is similar with cargo transportation. Cargo delivery by air is the safest and fastest of the existing transportation over long distances. Sometimes there is no other option.

But this type of cargo transportation is quite specific. It suits not everyone, because it imposes certain restrictions and requires the involvement of additional transport for cargo delivery to the airfield. In order to understand the subtleties and determine whether it is appropriate to use air freight services in your case, we will consider their features in detail.

Specificity of air freight

As mentioned above, rapidity and safety are the main advantages of air transport over land or water transport. There are no alternatives and are not expected in the foreseeable future.

Air delivery is often used for cargoes with non-typical parameters, hazardous goods, medicines, expensive perishable products. But not every oversized cargo can be placed inside the fuselage of the aircraft. It is necessary to perform precise calculations, work on the weight distribution, and make special fasteners.

The situation is simpler with regard to standard and pre-packaged goods. There are no problems with them, except the cost of the operation. Air cargo transportation is cost-effective, when it is necessary to forward them as quickly as possible, for the goods quickly losing their properties, humanitarian aid, etc. Animals are often transported by air. They bear the flight a thousand times easier than a trip in the back of a truck, in a railway car.

Cargo transportation by aircrafts does not require the addition of further clauses to the contract associated with the insurance company. Airport staff, a priori, has the necessary work permits, is qualified, and observes safety rules. Theft or damage during loading operations is out of the question. Reliable cargo fixing in the compartment is dictated by practical considerations. The security service of the airfield will not approve the take-off until it makes sure that everything is done strictly according to the standard.

Only an experienced high-class logistics expert understands all the specifics of air transportation. The very few are engaged in them, that’s why many do not even think about the possibility of air delivery, because they simply do not see competitive offers from domestic transport companies.

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Air cargo transport from the Neolit Logistics group of companies

The Neolit Logistics group of companies guarantees high speed and complete safety at all stages of cargo transportation. We come up with the best price offer among our colleagues thanks to well-established partnership relations with Ukrainian and foreign air carriers.

Cargo air transportations include a set of actions. Quite often they are part of a multimodal delivery. We can ensure its performance anywhere in the world. Registration of permits, insurance and forwarding services are also carried out by our staff.

Dealing with one company, you’ll save money and time. Cargoes from the Neolit Logistics group of companies are subject to the insurance on concessionary terms, the customs clearance is always proceeding rapidly, and the document package meets the latest requirements. We quickly respond to all market changes and in the legislative framework, we try to offer our customers the most mutually-beneficial cooperation.

You have not to care about the safety of the cargo, the timing of its delivery, problems on the way. All this is controlled by our managers. As a member of the IATA organization, the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies ​​guarantees the air delivery of any type of cargo with the option of full escorting. We have been developing in this direction, by learning from our Western colleagues and establishing the best operating procedures to please our customers.

You can call any of the phones on the site or contact our manager online in order to calculate the cost, choose the optimal transportation profile, and learn more about all transport and forwarding services. You can also contact one of the five “Neolit Logistics” ​​branches in the largest regional centers of Ukraine (Kiev, Dnieper, Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye). Cargo transportation by air with us is fast and safe. Test the service quality once, and you will have a permanent freight operator for any occasion.

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