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Cargo insurance

Many transport companies are trying to attract customers with low tariffs, praise the reliability of their equipment and their staff professionalism, "guarantee" the safety of the shipment in words. But the Neolit Logistics group of companies has a straight-thinking approach to logistics. We know that any precautionary measures do not exclude force majeure situations, in which only cargo insurance can save.

Just imagine that you have sent a truck of certified dairy product to your partners in Russia. But on the day of crossing the border, the authorities of the neighboring country suddenly decided to reintroduce the ban on the import of this category of goods. The situation is stalemate: the truck is staying at the customs, it cannot go any further, the expiration date of "milk" is coming to an end, and you suffer losses. But if cargo insurance (international transport) is stipulated by the contract, you do not have to worry about such a situation!
What will the insurance cover?

The payout amount depends on many factors. It takes into account the type, size of cargo, vehicle, length and plan of the route, which a vehicle/train/ship or aircraft is going to take. Also, the requirements of international law should not be overlooked: the entry and transit of goods through the territory of the European Union is impossible without insurance.

The standard policy provides for the following cases:

  • Damage during loading and unloading operations;
  • Full or partial theft of cargo from the vehicle body or together with the vehicle;
  • Loss of consignment during the accident occurred through the fault of third parties.

Also, cargo insurance includes the reservation of funds necessary for the salvage of cargo, evaluation and reduction of losses.

We advise you not to be limited to a standard policy. Consult the specialists of the Neolit Logistics group of companies or try to independently analyze the possible losses, non-standard situations, compare the risks with the value of goods. This is particularly relevant in case of frequent deliveries of goods to the areas bordering the ATO zone.

Include a few additional provisions into the contract with the company. The cost of the policy will not increase critically, but you will feel safe, because the best guarantees are guarantees confirmed financially. In addition, the cost of insurance is often borne by the consignee concerned. The practice has been confirmed by the experience of large European trading houses. The contract is executed according to your requirements; there are no insignificant provisions in it.
Advantages of insurance with “Neolit Logistics” group of companies

We daily carry out operations of own and partner cargo insurance for large amounts, therefore we get the best terms and the maximum wholesale discounts. We are dealing only with large and reliable companies. This is especially important when cargo insurance is required for international transport. The Neolit Logistics group of companies cooperates with "Prince", "Oranta", "Ingo Ukraine", ALLIANZ. Over the years, all of them have done their best and have developed a positive reputation in our eyes. If the insured event has really occurred, there can be no doubt in the timely full payout. Otherwise, we would have made a choice in favor of competitors long ago.

It is possible to issue an insurance policy for one delivery, but our regular customers often choose a general agreement, in which the terms for insurance of all goods for a certain period of time are clearly specified. The decision is absolutely reasonable, if logistics is an important part of your business.

Many believe that it makes sense to insure only international transportation, since it is more difficult to control movement, transshipments and storage in another country, but practice does not prove this opinion. Insurance of cargo transported in Ukraine is also advisable. The reasons are clear at once: the poorly maintained road surfaces, the unstable political situation, the mentality of the residents.

Ordering services from us, you will not feel a significant difference in the cost of delivery with and without insurance. We advise you to purchase a policy, in spite of the fact that 99% of transportations have proceeded without surprises, in a regular mode. Insurance companies are loyal to customers of the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies. You can protect even hazardous or oversized cargo. There is a widest range of opportunities, and the price is lower than that of competitors.
To select the optimal scheme, please contact our specialists. It is enough to indicate the specifications of the cargo, the desired vehicle, to designate the loading and unloading point. They will quickly calculate the cost of transportation, forwarding services, will offer optimal solutions and will tell you the cost of the insurance policy for the cargo in the particular case. International transportation with us will be fully protected, in a safe environment, supported by effective guarantees.

To order services, call any representative office of the Neolit Logistics group of companies or contact us through the website.

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