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Loading and unloading operations

Loading and unloading operations - any volumes within the agreed time-frame.

No transportation can do without loading and unloading the goods. This is a crucial stage of the work, in the course of which not only timeliness is required, but also a particularly careful attitude to the cargo.

Modern equipment of the Neolit Logistics group of companies enables us to handle any types of goods:

  • general cargo;
  • oversized and heavy-weight;
  • bulk and loose cargo;
  • hazardous goods;
  • perishable goods.

Loading and unloading operations in the warehouse depend on the type and volume of cargo, as well as the type of vehicle. This can be fully mechanized, hand or combined loading and unloading of the vehicle, which directly affects the cost of work.

The equipment and own storage areas of the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies allow the processing of large volumes of goods and the concurrent servicing of several transport units.

The technological process is well-organized for the prompt performance of all types of operations:

  • acceptance of goods;
  • putting into storage in appropriate conditions (stowing the goods in racks, stacking);
  • movement of goods inside the warehouse;
  • picking of goods from storage points;
  • consolidation and packing.

Our warehouses are equipped with modern special equipment, storage facilities are equipped according to all standards and can accommodate standard and specific loads of various volumes.

In the logistics complexes of the Neolit Logistics group of companies, the following cargo handling operations can be performed by the Customer’s order: measurement, counting of units, weighing, inventory, marking, packaging, documentation.

A cross-docking service is always available - reloading goods from one type of transport to another directly without warehouse storage.

The loading and unloading services include the distribution of consolidated cargo with subsequent shipment to a certain addressee.

You can order loading and unloading works by applying online or by contacting our offices directly.

As a rule, such works are included in the complex service for the cargo transportation. We will ensure proper control over transshipment at all stages of goods movement - in ports, warehouses, railway stations. Monthly thousands of tons of cargo flow through our warehouses in the Dnipropetrovsk region and Poland. And they all arrive safely to their destination.

It is enough for you to assign the task to transport goods from point "A" to point "B". All the necessary work will be done by the Neolit Logistics group of companies - just in time and in compliance with all current standards.

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