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Customs clearance

Customs-brokerage services are a set of measures for the cargo clearance at customs. If you are interested in customs clearance, Ukraine is your country, and the services should be provided at the highest level, you are in the right place. The Neolit Logistics group of companies for more than five years has been involved in the customs clearance in Ukraine. Our license provides for the provision of services for the declaration of goods and vehicles, customs brokerage services.

All operations are completely official and are accompanied by appropriate contracts and other documentation. Whether it is transportation of various cargoes, customs clearance, storage of cargo at the customs bonded warehouse (CBW), etc.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies comes from Dnieper. Our head office is just there. This is partly why we are easy to find on the Internet upon request "customs-brokerage services Dnieper". But this fact does not imply to a strict regional activity. With our help, customs brokerage services are carried out in Dnieper, Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov, and any other city of Ukraine. But nevertheless the main offices of many large and small importing and exporting companies are located just in Dnieper. It’s no wonder that it is best for them to cooperate with reliable local firms. So, if you are interested in customs-brokerage services in Dnieper, dial the phones listed on the website safely. You will receive exactly what you have been looking for, and at the best price.

Customs brokerage service types of the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies

In general, customs clearance in Ukraine includes a whole range of services, for rendering of which it is necessary to observe specific conditions and to prepare an adequate package of documents. Customs-brokerage services include the following components:

  • preparation of declarations of any type;
  • storage of goods in a customs-bonded warehouse;
  • pre-declaration of cargo;
  • accreditation and possible re-accreditation of cargo;
  • obtaining of a customs certificate for transport sealing;
  • registration of transit operations;
  • clearance of goods under consignment agreements;
  • import and export cargo customs clearance;
  • cargo certification;
  • other customs-brokerage services in warehouses (repackaging of goods, their special marking or sticking).

In addition, with us you can get a comprehensive consultation on foreign trade activities of companies. Our employees not only able to provide customs and brokerage services in Dnieper, but also professionally supervise your company's foreign trade activities. In this area we have a great positive experience.

Customs clearance is just one of the activities of the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies. To order a full range of logistics services will be most suitable for you. We can easily organize the transportation of various cargoes to any place of the world, provide a wide range of customs-brokerage services, we will be able to supervise your company's foreign trade activities, provide warehousing services and settle any non-standard and complex logistics tasks.

Advantages of cooperation with us

We perform customs clearance in Ukraine at the highest level. Our main principles: professionalism, customer-oriented approach and high performance rate.


  • resolve even supercomplex customs issues;
  • know perfectly the market of logistics services;
  • promptly response to the situation thanks to the latest technical base and perform works just-in-time;
  • know perfectly the customs legislation and foreign trade activities;
  • in a fully responsible manner approach the processing of individual requests of each customer;
  • act more than talk;
  • approach the subject using extensive experience;
  • offer only competitive prices.

Customs clearance in Ukraine, with our help, turns into an easy walk for you, thanks to the clean reputation of the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies for the customs and other government authorities.

How can you learn more about customs clearance?

To order a customs clearance or just get a competent advice, call +38 (056) 377-88-76. Our experienced managers will specify for you the entire list of documents without which customs clearance cannot be made, calculate the cost of services, give guidance on the terms and answer all the questions regarding the procedure.

Lots of domestic and foreign companies successfully cooperate with us in matters of carriage and clearance of goods. These are companies of different scales - from sole proprietors to large business. Over time, the regulatory framework, customers’ requests and terms of service provision have been changing. But one thing remains the same: complete satisfaction of all parties from productive cooperation.

Still have questions?
7  What is a customs clearance service?

Customs clearance is a set of actions that is necessary for unhindered border crossing and release of goods for free circulation. All goods that enter or leave the country are subject to customs clearance.

The customs clearance service consists of the following steps:

  • verification (preparation) of a package of documents;
  • selection of codes according to UKT FEA;
  • calculation of customs payments;
  • set and preparation of preliminary declarations (ПП / ПД);
  • set of customs declaration (TBG);
  • submission of a customs declaration to the customs authorities;
  • maintenance of customs clearance until completion of customs clearance;
8  What documents are required to complete a customs declaration?
  • foreign economic agreement (contract) with additional agreements and its annexes, as well as their translation into the state language;
  • contract for transportation and calculation of transport costs (depending on the delivery conditions);
  • shipping documents and transportation invoices (CMR, TTN, Air WayBill, Bill of Lading), loading lists, packing lists, specifications, etc .;
  • commercial documents (invoice, proforma invoice, invoice), as well as their translation into the state language;
  • documents that confirm the country of origin of the goods (certificate of origin, statement of the sender, etc.);
  • documents that are used to determine the customs value of goods (bank payment documents, relevant accounting documents, catalogs, specifications, price lists) - if necessary, confirmation of such information;
9  What stages does the service of a customs broker include?
  • The client provides a package of documents for a set of customs documents;
  • The broker checks the package of documents and informs the client about the missing documents or information;
  • According to the provided package of documents, the broker selects the UKT FEA code and dials the customs declaration;
  • The broker provides the client with the amount of customs payments, which consists of a duty and VAT, to pay it to the SFS in accordance with the details of the customs at which the client plans clearance;
  • The broker submits the customs declaration in electronic form using the QDPro or MDoffice program to the customs authorities;
  • The inspector accepts a customs declaration for processing, checks it for the correctness of filling and the availability of all information about the imported / exported goods;
  • In the absence of additional forms of control, such as cargo screening, sampling, etc., the customs inspector completes clearance, previously paid funds are debited from the customer’s account and the cargo is considered released for free circulation
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