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Common questions

1  How to order for a freight service?

To apply and clarify all questions, you can:

- call the hotline number 0800-201-023 or directly to the branch corresponding to your region. All contacts can be viewed here

- order a call back on the website

- fill in the form for calculating the cost? /blank

2  Which cargo do you deliver?

Cargoes of any kind and complexity from 50 kg and up to 500 tons. From food products and household chemicals to construction materials, dangerous and loose goods, large-sized machinery, cargoes requiring multi-temperature transport and liquid bulk cargoes.

3  How to calculate the cost and what are the delivery times?

To calculate the cost of the service, you are required to provide the following information:

  • Loading point,
  • Unloading point,
  • Mass (t),
  • Volume (cubic meter),
  • Loading method
  • Nomenclature on cargoes or CN code

Standard time of delivery by motor transport:

  • domestic transportation (Ukraine) - 24-48 hours,
  • Europe - 48-72 hours,
  • Russia and neighboring CIS countries - 96-120 hours,
  • remote CIS countries and Asia - 120-168 hours.

The delivery time for each shipment shall be discussed individually with the manager, since it depends on the type of transport, distance and number of crossed state borders.

4  In what form can I pay for your company’s services? Is it possible to defer payment?

You can pay for services either by bank transfer or by cash. We are willing to consider a convenient payment system for you. Prior to the beginning of cooperation, our security service will check your company with respect to your solvency, as well as the history of legal cases. Based on these data, we can offer you a deferred payment for a period of 15 to 90 calendar days from our work completion.

5  How to pay for downtime or vehicle delay?

All terms of payment for downtime or delay shall be agreed upon with you in advance and shall be specified in the application for each shipment, which is an integral part of our contract.

6  Is a loyalty program available in your company?

We provide deferred payment services to our regular customers. Given the regular work of more than 5 shipments per month during the quarter, we can apply options to reduce the cost of our services. We also make significant discounts when ordering additional services - cargo handling, customs brokerage, warehousing, etc.

7  Is it possible to perform express cargo delivery by road?

Yes, it is possible to promptly provide a vehicle, within the period of 4 to 24 hours. But the exact time frame shall be discussed with the manager. for each separate order.

8  How can I find out the status of my shipment?

You can track the status on the company's website. Also you will be informed about the status of the shipment in the sms-message. At any time you can contact our agent, who organizes your shipment.

9  What documents are needed to start cooperation with the Neolit Logistics group of companies?

A scanned copy of the signed sealed contract and registration documents of your company are required.

10  Which additional services do you offer?

The Neolit Logistics group of companies provides a full range of logistics and freight forwarding services, that is, in addition to the transportation of goods by various modes of transport, you will be offered insurance services; customs clearance (for international transportation); loading and unloading operations, warehousing services. Also, you shall be provided with a designated personal manager who will give professional advice on any matter.

11  What guarantees of cargo safety can you provide?

First of all, it is a signed contract, which specifies our responsibility for the safety of your cargo. All our shipments are freight forwarder liability-insured for 2 000 000 UAH. for each shipment. Also, at a high cost of cargo (more than 80,000 USD for Full Truck), we always recommend additional insurance against all key risks with a small deductible. In this matter, the insurance companies, our partners, provide the most favorable conditions.

12  When shipping the cargo, I made a mistake - for example, indicated the wrong unloading point. What shall I do?

It's not a problem, we'll help you. It is necessary to notify us immediately that the unloading point has been changed. Then a new set of documents (TTN/CMR) should be issued, which indicates the correct unloading point. In the event that a new set of documents cannot be issued, then the relevant corrections should be made in the documents already issued. This correction must be sealed by the shipper's company.

13  Do you transport dangerous goods and liquids?

Yes, of course. We provide transportation services for dangerous goods and liquids of any volume in any direction. We work across Ukraine, the EU, Asia and the CIS countries. When working with hazard class cargoes, we unquestioningly observe the standard rule - the cargo and people safety first. The staff has the necessary clearances. The technical condition of the transport and the tightness of the containers are inspected before each loading. In addition, all the necessary rolling stock has international conformity certificates.

14  What is referred to oversized cargo?

The cargoes shall refer to oversized cargo, if together with the vehicle, one of the dimensions exceeds:

  • width of 2.65 m.
  • height from the road surface - 4 m.
  • length of 22 m.
  • the load overhanging the rear dimension of the vehicle more than 2 m.

Heavy cargo is referred to the cargo if its actual weight with the vehicle exceeds 38 *t, and/or the load per axle exceeds:

  • 10 t for a single axle *
  • 16 t for double axle *
  • 22 t for tridem axle *

Oversized cargoes, as a rule, referred to various types of equipment, specialized machinery, building structures, etc., for example:

  • yachts;
  • boats;
  • drilling rigs;
  • gas turbines;
  • steam boilers;
  • mining excavator;
  • lifts;
  • other large objects identifiable by their special size, shape and weight.

Oversized transports have a number of special features. This is one of the most complicated operations in logistics. In addition to special equipment, it requires a huge number of various permits, careful development of the route and its coordination with the authorities of the region. A qualified advice on the oversized cargo transportation can be obtained from our managers.

15  Do you transport consolidated cargo (LCL)?

Transportation of consolidated cargo is a separate niche among all freight and cargo transportation services, as it is actively used by private individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and even some large companies. This service is very cost effective, since you have not to overpay for an empty seat in a car or a railway car if you need to deliver a relatively small load that does not take up a whole freight car. When exporting, cargoes from different customers are collected in our warehouse. They leave the warehouse subject to a sufficient volume or with the shipment to the same direction. In the country of destination, they are unloaded to the central warehouse and from there to the recipients’ warehouses. Import delivery occurs in the reverse order.

16  Are there any specific requirements for cargo packaging?

No. As a rule, each Client determines which package will ensure the maximum safety of the cargo during transportation. We can also give advice if necessary.

17  What kind of vehicles do you use?

Under the operational management of our company there are more than 500 units of various vehicles, both own and borrowed, of different carrying capacity and any type of cargo compartment. We will select the best option of motor transport, container or railway car, which meets all your requirements and is designed to transport your particular products.

18  What kind of railway cars is available and what kind of cargo can you transport by railway?

Our company arranges railway transportation of any cargo in any type of rolling stock. We have more than 150 units of rolling stock in our operational management. These are covered cars, cement carriers and gondola cars. For your needs we can provide any number of cars of inventory rolling stock or private cars, including cars of non-residents of Ukraine, we provide cargo forwarding and cargo receipt services anywhere in Ukraine. In case the access roads are not available at your enterprise, we’ll arrange cargo delivery by road to the nearest railway station and carry out transshipment to the railway cars. In our company there is a special department dealing with the oversized cargo transportation by rail. We use special conveyors and platforms for this type of transportation. We undertake to organize the process of execution and approval of all permits, to develop loading and fastening schemes.

19  Which cargoes and where can I transport by air?

We can arrange transportation by air transport virtually any cargo classification to anywhere in the world. However, not all cargo can be transported by air. Before the beginning of the transportation, it is necessary to know the dimensions and weight of the cargo with packaging. To transport large consignments of cargo or cargo of large mass and dimensions, we can arrange charter transportation of only your cargo in a plane, using even AN 124 or AN 225 aircrafts.

20  Which sea lines do you work with?

We work with all the major lines available on the market. Our key partners in organizing overseas transport are Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, Cma-cgm. Our skilled managers from the Odessa branch will offer you the most favorable and convenient option individually.

21  Do you provide brokerage services?

Our company is pleased to provide a full range of customs and brokerage services, namely customs clearance of exports and imports, the organization of any permits, accreditation at customs and any other related services. We have our own brokers on staff in the central office in Dnieper and in Kiev. Our partners can perform customs brokerage procedures in any city of Ukraine and virtually anywhere in the world.

22  Can I order transportation within the city from your company, for example, for the office removal?

No, we do not render office removal services; we can only provide you with a vehicle for transportation within the city or region.

23  Is it possible to transport hazardous and ordinary cargo in the same vehicle?

In most cases, it is possible. But it depends on the hazard class of the cargo and the conditions of its transportation. For a more accurate reply it is necessary to indicate the nature of the cargo, the conditions of transportation, the direction of transportation and the hazard class).

24  Do you deliver goods from China and which delivery services do you provide?

We can offer you transportation of any cargo from China by sea or by air. In the case of sea transportation, we are ready to offer either a separate container or a general-purpose container, i.e. we can arrange delivery of even a small amount. Contact our manager to find out details. Also the Neolit Logistics group of companies provides customs brokerage support for transactions and brokerage consultations.

25  Why are you different from other similar logistics companies?

One of the main differences between the Neolit Logistics group of companies and other similar companies is the provision of a full range of services, including insurance, cargo handling, customs brokerage and cargo consolidation. Our company has been on the market of logistics services for 15 years and managed to prove itself as the most reliable partner, which is trusted by leading companies. We do not specialize in one or two types of cargo transportation, we provide transportation by any mode of transport in any directions.

26  Can you name a few major companies that are your customers?

DTEK, Metinvest, Interpipe, Alef, Biosphere, EuroChem, Askania Auto, OMEGA-Avtopostavka, Yasensvit and many others. You can get acquainted with the list of our customers, as well as reviews here

27  In which cities are you available?

At the moment, the Neolit Logistics group of companies is available in six cities of Ukraine, namely in Dnieper, Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa and Zaporozhye. We also have warehouse complexes in the city of Chelm (Poland) for the consolidation of cargoes from Europe. Each branch is assigned to certain region, that’s why if your city is not on the list, do not worry. Just call the hotline number 0 800 210 023 and you will be redirected to the respective representative office.

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