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Мissions and purposes


Neolit ​​Logistics is a perfect logistic service that allows Clients, Partners and Employees to gain competitive advantages.



By 2030 - the national integrated logistic operator leading in terms of turnover, organizing transportation by all modes of transport to anywhere in the world.



The staff

The staff  are professionals and like-minded people working in the same team.


Clients  friends gaining advantages and advantages over competitors.

Development and enterprise

Development and enterprise  movement with the times, search and introduction of new opportunities for clients, partners and employees.


Cooperation  the ability to always find a common language with all our clients and partners.

Social commitment

Social commitment  is the real responsibility for the company's employees and the surrounding company environment.


Innovations - to our Clients and Partners, we are always ready to provide new opportunities and help them develop their business, improving together logistic processes. Employees - to provide the most advanced market tools and the most comfortable working conditions.

Movement - only forward, not stopping on our laurels; we are constantly progressing and gaining experience by setting and solving ever more complex tasks.



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