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Cargo transportation by refrigerator

Transportation of temperature-sensitive goods with the Neolit Logistics group of companies - efficiency and constant monitoring

Cargo transportation of temperature-sensitive goods holds a significant place in the commodity flow, which is moved by the Neolit Logistics group of companies. Such goods retain their conditioning properties only under conditions of a certain humidity and temperature. It is necessary to sustain artificially created parameters when moving and storing such goods. And for perishable goods, the speed of delivery is also essential.

Our company delivers various types of products in compliance with all requirements:

  •     meat and fish;
  •     milk;
  •     fruit and vegetable and fruit and berry;
  •     confectionery;
  •     frozen food products;
  •     chemical substances and hazardous goods;
  •     living plants;
  •     medicines.

Transportation of temperature-sensitive goods is carried out with the use of specialized vehicles of two types:

refrigerators, allowing to maintain the temperature in the range from -18°C to + 20°C for long;

insulated vans, due to the upholstery of thermally insulating materials that maintain own cargo temperature, regardless of the external environment.

Insulated van or refrigerator?

When choosing transport for the temperature-sensitive goods transportation, the delivery distance is taken into account. In the short run, insulated vans are often used, since at the time of delivery it is enough to simply isolate the goods from the effects of external temperatures while moving between the consignor’s and the consignee’s  refrigerators.

As a rule, insulated vans are used in cities and suburbs with the distribution through the retail distribution network. Therefore, among vehicles of this class there is the largest number of low-tonnage and medium-tonnage vehicles.

Refrigerators are preferable for transportation over long distances, and therefore they are more often used on international routes.

Temperature-sensitive cargo transportation in any direction

The fleet of the Neolit Logistics group of companies is equipped with overload and side-loading insulated vans and refrigerators.

Immediately after receiving the order, our specialists will:

  •     select the appropriate vehicle;
  •     choose the optimal for the Client scheme to transport in the consolidated consignment or separately;
  •     will develop a route.

“Neolit Logistics” group of companies ​​transports all types of perishable goods within Ukraine and on international routes – the CIS, Europe, Asia.

When delivering temperature-sensitive cargo, the key factor is time. Specialists of the Neolit Logistics group of companies are developing the route in a manner that provides the delivering cargo in the shortest possible time.

We also provide a special high-speed mode of loading and unloading when moving goods to the company's refrigerated warehouses or to special containers.

The route is developed to ensure the fastest delivery. In some cases, temperature-sensitive cargo can be delivered not in a separate refrigerator, but as part of a consolidated cargo. This will optimize the price of delivery.

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