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Transportation of bulk cargoes

Bulk cargo transportation includes a whole range of measures necessary for safe and timely transportation.

They are implemented in an internal and international format. Various types of road, rail and sea transport and cargo compartments are used. The same principle is used for the transport of loose cargo.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies carries out the transportation of bulk and loose cargo in several directions.

They are as follows:

  • Transportation in the territory of Ukraine,
  • Ukraine - member states of the CIS,
  • European direction (Ukraine - EU),
  • Eastern direction (Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey, etc.).

Unlike many other carriers, we organize transportation in a comprehensive manner, completely supervise the cargo movement to the point of destination and solve the problems, if they arise. You will not be engaged in these cares - our managers will take care of everything. They will also:

  • give you professional advice at all stages of the work;
  • provide the rolling stock optimal for your purposes;
  • develop the most suitable route and stipulate conditions;
  • follow up with the cargo insurance against all sorts of troubles;
  • deal with the permissive documentation;
  • fully control the proper performance of loading and unloading operations, receipt of cargo by the surveyor and possible transshipment during the transportation of bulk and loose cargo.

Vehicle fleet for bulk cargoes

Bulk cargo transportation always takes place provided that the container integrity is maintained. Technical inspection of tanks is carried out before each loading, in order to protect the customer from possible financial losses. In addition, the cargo is insured in the amount stated. You can be assured of the timeliness of the delivery of cargo of any size and hazard class.

In our fleet there are many types of railway vehicles of different capacities and intended purpose. Transportations of bulk cargo of small tonnage to relatively small distances are carried out by means of road transport. Depending on the type and class of the cargo, it can be road tankers, flexi-tanks, silo-tanks and containers, tank containers. For large volumes and distances, special railway cars and sea transport are used. Transportation of bulk cargo is carried out with the help of road tankers, dump trucks, railway cars, etc.

Transportation of bulk cargo is a task that can be successfully accomplished only by professionals. If you want the cargo is transported in serviceable transport, in clean and sealed container, is insured and delivered arrives just in time, contact the Neolit Logistics group of companies.

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