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Projected Cargo

Project cargo transportation is a system of measures for preparation and delivery of large objects. It can be a factory, a production line, structures and other large-sized cargoes, which cannot be physically delivered by ordinary freight transport.

Project cargo – it is a transportation of special complexity

Given the high price of cargo, the mistakes in the process of handling and transportation pose significant financial losses, including fines for the carrier.

That's why the project cargo transportations are entrusted only to the companies with sufficient competence and, what is especially important, the experience of already performed oversized cargo transportation.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies regularly transports project cargoes of various weights and dimensions. This can easily be seen by looking the "News" section.

Development of the operation

You can order project cargo transportation within the country, and beyond its borders with the delivery to Ukraine or third countries from our company.

Ad hoc working group will address its organization. Own and invited experts of various areas will:

  • plan the transportation taking into account the dimensions and physical properties of the object, the place of delivery and the terms;
  • calculate the project budget;
  • perform breaking of bulk and select the appropriate vehicle for each of them;
  • pick up and provide specialized loading and unloading equipment and develop a work plan;
  • establish the scheme of packaging, develop attachment and lodgment systems;
  • in case of several consignors, agree upon the terms of work with each of them;
  • prepare customs documents, obtain special permits for transportation in the countries of cargo dispatch, arrival and transit 
  • insure the cargo;
  • prepare and arrange the delivery of specialized rolling stock.

Professionalism based on experience

Transportation of complex (multicomponent) large-sized cargo requires not only a completely different level of organization of work, but also knowledge of the nuances that appears only as a result of the accumulated experience.

For example, not every port, even a large port, can accept and reload a specific cargo. And the cargo itself in some countries can be qualified as dual-use goods.
The movement of large-sized equipment may require obtaining an additional permit for the "hazardous goods” transit due to the formal availability of fuel residues in tanks. Such transportation is always a non-standard operation, requiring the development of individual solutions.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies carries out project cargo transportations of any complexity. Dozens of successfully implemented projects are an indication of the professionalism of our team.

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