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Project cargo

Oversized Cargo Transportation

Oversized cargo is the specialization of our company

As a rule, oversized cargo is expensive cargo. However, most often oversized cargoes are heavy and transport engineering products, construction parts and industrial units.

Each order is strictly individual and requires certain load calculations and additional work on the organization of the route and traffic along it. The particularly complicated loading and transport, the high level of risks, the enormous responsibility and the high cost of mistakes - the transportation of oversized cargo is a complex integrated operation.

Not every company in Ukraine takes on oversized and heavy cargo transportation. This market includes only a few companies that have the necessary competencies, equipment and experience to carry out transportation of such objects. This is a special area in the organization of transportation.

Mistakes are inadmissible, since they can be very costly. The experience of the driver is extremely important, which is able to confidently drive a vehicle loaded with oversized cargo.

The preliminary work related to the organization of the route and consideration of all factors is no less important.

Taking account of the tonnage

There are restrictions on the tonnage of the transport being carried by the roads of most countries. For example, in the CIS countries, most bridges and overpasses were built about 50 years ago. They are not strong enough for a number of modern heavy trucks and are reliably capable of withstanding only transport up to 80 tons. So, it is necessary to deliver an oversized cargo taking into account the operational and technical characteristics of bridges.
Taking account of cargo dimension 

In different countries, there are different restrictions on the height and width of cargo carried by roads. In France, without obtaining special permits, it is allowed to transport cargo up to 3 meters width.

Otherwise, you need to order escort and pay for it and a special permit. In Germany, the maximum height of the transported cargo should not exceed 4 meters 50 centimeters. If the object is higher even by a centimeter, it is also necessary to obtain a permit, which sometimes can take quite a long time to approve it.

In some cases, the issue can be resolved without obtaining permits. Our experts develop routes bypassing the highways, which have certain dimensional restrictions or speed minima. But this often leads to an increase in the length of the way and requires a clear knowledge of the road rules and the infrastructure of the country through which the transportation is carried out.

Heavy cargo transportation - project approach

There is no standard price for such cargo transport services. The main part of costs is formed on the basis of easily calculated factors of the cost price of any transportation.

However, there is a great number of additional details and any of them can significantly affect the parameters.

The oversized or heavy cargo transportation requires an individual approach, in fact, each such transportation is the implementation of a certain project, for which a number of company specialists are responsible.

This allows us to determine the best option for delivery, to offer the optimal solution for the customer, to foresee and eliminate all possible difficulties in transporting the most expensive oversized cargo.

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