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Heavy cargo transportation

Transportation of heavy cargo with GK Neolit Logistics ​​- special equipment and experience

GC Neolit Logistics is one of the few transport companies in Ukraine, which carries out heavy and oversized cargo transportation.

Oversized is a load that exceeds at least one of the standard parameters: length, height, width. The standards currently in force for road traffic are 20 meters in length, 2.55 meters in width and up to 4 meters in height.

Often, although not always, the oversized cargo is also super-heavy, since non-standard cargoes are separate objects, special equipment, massive construction machinery.

Heavy-duty loads are such objects whose weight, together with the weight of the car, exceeds the maximum permissible load norms for covering the road or permissible axial loads. This is a classic definition of the rules of carriage of goods by road. Delivery of heavy loads is one of the main areas of our activity.

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You need special permission to move heavyweight. Transportation of this type of cargo inevitably leads to the destruction of the road surface and is generally costing significantly more than conventional traffic.

This is due to the need for specialized equipment to carry out loading and unloading operations, the use of special fastenings, a difficult route, which may be considerably extended due to the need to take into account the maximum loads of roads and bridges.

Such transportation is carried out with the payment of damages, which is applied to the roadway and structures. In addition, for the organization of the movement of goods necessarily provide additional measures of road safety, including the attraction of a special escort.

GC Neolit Logistics uses for own and rented car fleet and special platforms for transportation of heavy and large cargo, which allows to transport goods weighing up to 120 tons and up to 36 meters in length.

Our experience allows us to guarantee the result and have the appropriate competencies. We regularly place reports on carrying out complex transport operations for the transportation of non-standard goods on our site in the section "News".

Need to deliver heavy goods by road? The price will be calculated after receiving all the necessary information about the cargo transportation project.

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