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Transportation of dangerous goods

Hazardous cargo transportation: transportation rules

The most common hazardous cargo labeling is "ADR". This way they label reservoirs, boxes, containers, hermetic tanks with various:

  • chemical reagents,
  • combustible substances,
  • compressed gases,
  • organic substances,
  • oxidizable formulations,
  • infectious and poisonous substances,
  • corrosive and radiation elements.

Hazardous cargo can be transported not only in Ukraine. Sometimes transportation of complex cargoes is ordered for delivery to other countries, states. This is an increased responsibility, a certain level of complexity, the use of specialized transport.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies performs the transportation of hazardous cargo in full compliance with the requirements of the legislation, the regulations existing in the body of law. Experts of the company professionally carry out the road transportation of hazardous goods using specialized vehicles. Special vehicles guarantee 100% reduction in the risks of accidents during delivery, complete safety of property, environment and people safety. Such cargo will be transported very carefully, delicately, without damage and within the specified deadlines.

Hazardous cargo categories shall be compulsorily insured against force majeure. The company's logisticians, before sending liquid, gas, toxic substances or chemicals along the route specified by the customer, carefully select special vehicles that would be perfect for carrying hazardous goods. Multi-sectional tank trucks are often used for these purposes. The tank truck enables us to efficiently combine the complete set of cargoes, carry out:

  • emergency,
  • prompt,
  • scheduled deliveries.

A specialized vehicle enables customers to minimize cash costs on the number of flights and on fuel costs.

Hazardous cargo transportation: nuances of rendering services

To date, the hazardous cargo transportation – it is more than 3,000 hazardous goods, which are included in the standard list of hazardous substances that fall under the international national rules of cargo transportation. There are the specific requirements for each individual product labeled with the "ADR" marking. Cargoes labeled as "hazardous" should be subject to certain requirements of:

  • transportation,
  • warehousing,
  • loading-unloading.

Incorrect unloading or loading, transportation will become the cause of explosion, fire, ecological catastrophe, diseases of people, animals and so on.

Today the delivery of hazardous goods is carried out with the preliminary preparation of special transport, a package of permits. For international shipments, relevant documentation for customs clearance is compiled, etc.

The standard price for the transportation of complex, hazardous goods is always higher than, for example, for transporting furniture around the city, suburbs or to another country. Hazardous goods are divided into certain classes. It is these parameters and the volume of cargo by which not only specialized means of road transport are selected, but also railway cars, tank containers, other vans and containers capable of transporting a complex hazardous cargo.

The Neolit Logistics company’s staff always correctly and very competently selects transport, adequately plans a route, reducing all possible risks when delivering cargo, reducing the cost of logistics services to the maximum extent. Quality and maximum safety are the fundamental principles of the professional logisticians work in the Neolit Logistics company.

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