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Reform of Ukrainian transport infrastructure. Part II


Cabinet has promised major changes in the area of ​​the road by which finally resolved this sore for all the problem of "bad roads". So last year, the government is not shy to take on excessive commitments in this segment of the industry. Priority areas have been the transfer of local roads at the disposal of regional state administrations, as well as the division of responsibilities of the customer and performer on the construction, repair and maintenance of roads through the creation on the basis of "Roads of Ukraine SJSC" regional companies and their subsequent privatization.

Officials point out that their plans are "performed", although did not come to a logical conclusion. To start the process for the transfer of roads under the authority administrations, it adopted a resolution that optimizes the structure of subsidiaries "Highway Ukraine". In parliament filed a bill "for the establishment of the State Road Fund", which was developed with the help of the relevant ministries, to increase funding for the repair and construction of roads. Money from the fund will have to do well and to local authorities.

Besides, there were promises to introduce a paid passage for vehicles total weight of over 12 tons., As well as create an algorithm of actions on distribution of funds raised in this way. To this end, experts were brought from Poland, Germany, Belarus, where such projects have been successfully implemented for a long time and work.

The Ministry of Infrastructure noted that the process of reform "Ukravtodor" can be completed by the end of 2016 or at the most at the beginning of 2017. This structure is itself controlled the entire process of repair to construction and road maintenance, and no one reported back, it is a good field for corruption and bribery. Now it is deprived of all functions except the customer of construction and repair of roads. In the construction and repair will involve public and private companies, which will be determined by public tender, and will follow a special commission of experts for the quality of works.

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