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Organization of complex oversized transportation


The employees of the central office of Neolit Logistics Group of Companies in December 2019 successfully organized the delivery of especially valuable oversized cargo from Nikolaev to MTP Yuzhny.

The complexity of the delivery was the simultaneous transportation of eleven oversized trawls of products in a short time to call at the port and during the maximum load of the stevedore operator's capacities (On days of unloading a consignment, a record of daily transshipment was set for the entire history of the port). Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the company’s managers, a loading card for all cargo units was developed, the entire volume of loading operations and cargo securing were completed on time. Given the high value of the cargo during loading, a representative of the company was present adjusting and helping to resolve issues. The cargo was delivered exactly on time to a specially prepared “time window” for unloading cargo at the port, and then loaded onto a sea vessel for shipment to the recipient in India.

The company's managers have successfully completed the task and are ready for new complex projects.


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