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Actual questions about the new draft law concerning rail transport


1. To whom belongs the bill?

The new draft law of Ukraine on the railways regulates legal, organizational, social and economic spheres of activity of railway transportation. In other words, the new rules on the transport market for shippers, consignees, operators, investors and other participants in this market, whose turnover ranges from 70 to 100 billion hryvnia per year. In the aggregate of all freight flows that pass through Ukraine ranks first carriage w / d transportom- is about 80% of the total turnover. In essence, this law determines the competitiveness of the country's national economy.

2. How to develop a bill?

Back in 1996, it has been adopted and is valid until today the law on railway transport. After the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on the establishment of joint-stock company on the basis of the State Administration of Railway Transport in 2012 started the development of a new law. In July 2013 a new edition was put up for discussion. The basis of the new bill took the CIS Model Law. Its development was also attended by the Spanish and Polish experts.

3. Who will manage everything?

Handling industry will MIU, State Administration of railway transport, the National Commission of transport regulation, the National Security Authority and the Commission to investigate the accident. Ministers promise equal access to all market participants, and ultrasound as the carrier, will be a separate infrastructure.

What rates?

The new law provides that the tariffs will be adjusted National Commission for Transport Regulation NCCR, which are trying to create since 2012. The cost of transportation will be paid according to the current market (free) tariffs. However, since the start of US in 2016 she raised the rates.

What purpose the Ministry?

With the new bill the Ministry wants to eliminate the price discrimination, to attract entrepreneurs to the development of rolling stock. Important goal is to synchronize the work of US with European directives. Creating a competitive market carriers equal access to the infrastructure. Immediately implement all the goals it does not, therefore, provides a transition period.

6. Who and for which he criticizes a bill?

Large companies shippers, port and rail operators have criticized the bill because it does not stipulate mechanisms for investment compensation for joining the technological facilities of transport in the railway transport is not common, internal inconsistencies. As a result, major business associations do not support this bill.

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